About Me

Hi, I’m Liv. I’m a late-twenty-something vulnerability enthusiast, true crime aficionado and cold brew addict. Comfort zones are not my jam — I’m actually pretty claustrophobic — so I thought I’d stretch my legs a little and start a blog. When I’m not writing, I’m probably reading, listening to podcasts, dabbling in nature photography or day-dreaming on the couch about traveling while binging Netflix. Pre-pandemic Liv would be planning another national park road trip, thrift shopping and/or antiquing and enjoying a drink out in the world instead of trapped at home, but I’d definitely still be doing a lot of the former, too.

The Liv Wilder Blog

So, why did I create this blog? See vulnerability above. I’m here to (publicly) journal my thoughts and experiences about anything from mental health to chronic illness, social media, relationships, friendships and whatever else piques my interest. I’m no expert in any of the aforementioned subjects by a long shot, but I’m not claiming to have the answers here. My hope is that some of my thoughts and experiences might resonate with other people out there. If you feel like you might be my kind of people, then consider this your formal invitation to my make-believe club in this quiet, little corner of the internet. Thanks for being here!


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